Victory of the screenwriting reject

There’s an interesting article (… ) on Writer’s Digest about how to never be a writing “failure.”
The author of the article had a short story that he worked on for many months that he just sent off to one of his favorite publishers.
Sadly, the rejected it.
But he is counting this as a victory.
Because he understands the importance of rejection.
As he goes on to say, rejection in writing isn’t a failure, it’s a necessity.
We work in a crazy industry. It’s one of the few jobs where you are going to hear infinitely more NO’s than you will YES’s.
Getting rejected isn’t just part of the job–it IS the job. A big part of it.
The article goes on to give some advice on how to analyze your rejections and actually learn from them. Check it out–it’s definitely worth a quick read.
But the thing is, you may not be ready for rejection yet, because you haven’t actually written anything.
Getting started is often the biggest problem for writers, and especially screenwriters.
It’s a hard thing to have this great idea for a film, and then try to turn that into scenes, dialogue, realistic characters, and story that someone will actually able to even put on film.
If you’re having a hard time getting started on your screenplay, and you’re in the Cleveland area, I may have something that can help you here.
Gorilla Film School has partnered with Short.Sweet. Film Fest. ( ) on a series of Community Workshops. The first one is coming up on October 27th–Screenwriting with Mary Davis.
Mary is the founder of the Cleveland chapter of the International Screenwriter’s Association ( ). She studied film at Hunter College and was a student of Robert McKee, Bill Persky,and a host of other screenwriting masters.
The workshop is only $20, so if you’re looking to shore up your screenwriting skills it might be the best Andrew Jackson you ever invest in yourself.
Registration is open now, but spots are limited, so best get your screenwriting lovin’ today here: (… )
-Brian ( )
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