The crash-diet plan to be successful in the film industry

Randy Lemur’s daughter, Megan, was born with a kidney disease.
The doctor said that eventually she will need a kidney transplant.
When she was 4 years old, her health took a turn for the worse, and she was going to need the operation within a year.
They checked her out, and the only person in the whole family who could donate a kidney, was her father, Randy.
Randy was more than happy to save his daughter’s life, but the doctor said, “Mr. Lemur, you weigh 350 pounds. If we operate on you, you’re putting your life in jeopardy.”
He said, “Well, how much weight do I have to lose?”
He said, “You’ll have to lose at least 75 pounds.”
He said, “How much time do I have?”
“You have one year,”
And Randy said, “Okay.”
Randy lost 100 pounds in 6 months.
When asked by a reporter, “Was it difficult?”
Randy said, “No. It wasn’t difficult at all, because I had a big enough WHY.”
If you have a big enough WHY, you’ll find and do the HOW.
This principle applies to everything you do in life, whether it’s trying to lose weight or making films or acting or becoming a successful entrepreneur.
You have to find your WHY first, then the HOW will fall into place.
Last night we screened 28 short horror films in Cleveland for the 48 Hour Film Horror Project.
This particular competition we had the greatest number of student filmmakers and first time filmmakers that we’d ever had in the eleven years that I’ve been doing this.
The films themselves were the best group of horror films that we’ve ever had since we brought the Horror Project to Cleveland.
The screenings were packed, people were excited, and EVERYONE is talking about what a great time they had at the screenings, how good the films were, and what a great experience they had doing this.
That is my WHY.
That is why even though we didn’t even get home until almost 1am, I am awake at 6am the next morning, writing these words to you today.
The reason why I do this is because I want to see all of you become successful filmmakers and actors, and go out into the world creating awesome things and kicking some a#$ in the film industry.
YOU are my WHY.
Find out the WHY for yourself, and the HOW and everything else will fall into place, I promise you.
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