The 5 essential things you need to make a film

People like to overcomplicate the whole filmmaking process, but when it comes down to it, you really only need 5 things to make a film:
* a story (your script) * your vision of how that story will look * a camera * an NLE (that’s ‘non-linear editing system’ for the noobs, like Final Cut or Premiere) * an audience
It really is that simple.
Story is always first, because without that everything else falls apart.
Your vision is next because that’s going to determine how everything else on this list comes together. Whatever choices you make will influence how things look, how things are edited, if there’s music,etc.
The camera is the tool that you’re going to use to make the film. Any camera (even your iPhone) will do on some level, but ultimately you want something that’s going to be able to replicate what you already have in your head for #2 on this list.
They say the magic happens in the editing room, and that’s probably true. Your editing system will help you tell the story in the WAY that you want it told, and help you to focus and direct the audience.
Which brings us to #5, the people that you’re making this movie for. None of this “I’m only make movies for my own soul” BS…someone is going to watch this thing (hopefully), and you better have a pretty good idea of what those people are going to like or not like before you start shooting.
Sure, there are a bunch of other things that go into most films, like the acting, music, audio, etc.
But these are the five most important.
Without these five things, the movie can’t happen.
Remember, if you want to be a surgeon, then you better learn how to sew.
You have to master the basics before you start cutting people open.
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