“Hey, I want you to introduce you to my friend Brian. You’ll really like him. He used to hang out with us back in college. And he’s an actor!”

“An actor, huh?” (Snicker and sneer). “So what’s your REAL job?”

Does this conversation sound familiar? I’ve been through it myself many times throughout the years. I’ve gone down a different path since I’ve had my family, but for a long time I was trying to make it as a working actor. Even when I was making some money, this was a pretty disheartening conversation. As soon as the word “actor” leaves your mouth, people form a mental picture of you waiting tables or living in a cramped apartment with half a dozen other wannabes.

Interesting–people know that actors have the ability to make money, but they always assume that you are not. If you ask around, people will be able to quote how much money Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt made in their last films, but they seem to have no concept of actors working but making less than that.

We’ll I’ll tell you a secret that you’re not going to like–we are part of the problem.