Here’s how a mistake on one acting job ended up costing me over $30,000 so far!

Here’s a video of me looking like a tool while explaining why people should get a 212 area code for their business.


I still remember this shoot. I had a little video demo posted online for months that I had actually totally forgotten about it until one day I got a call from a production company–someone had seen my demo and wanted to book me for a gig.

Of course I was thrilled!

There were two different videos that were going to be commercials on the company’s website. They featured me as the spokesperson, convincing people to sign up for the service and explaining how easy it was.

There was zero prep time needed on my part. I showed up the day of the shoot and read the script off of a teleprompter. We did a few takes for each of the videos. Things went smoothly, and I was out in about two hours.

And on top of that, I was actually getting paid! A few weeks after the shoot,