It’s not enough in our fast paced, modern world to expect that your film will be watched solely on a television or PC. Studies report that 35% of all smartphone users and watching more video on mobile devices than they did last year, and over a third of viewers are watching longer form video content (videos longer than five minutes) on their phones, iPads, or other devices. It’s important to make sure that you create mobile-friendly versions of your video to cater to this growing trend. Here are some tips to make sure your video can be enjoyed by mobile users on the go.

  1. Use a technology that is supported by mobile phones

Apple doesn’t support flash video on their mobile devices, so there will be a huge percentage of the mobile population that won’t be able to view your video if you create it in flash. Instead, try a newer web-based technology such as HTML5, which is easy to use and is supported by virtually all mobile platforms.

  1. Use a lower quality file format

Remember that bandwidth and data usage are going to be key factors for users watching mobile video.