Last week I was at the NAB Show in  Las Vegas attending Filmapalooza, the year end competition for the 48 Hour Film Project. Over 70 films from around the world were screened, all representing the Best 48 Hour Film from each of their respective cities.  I had a great time watching the films, checking out the latest video gear at NAB, and of course soaking in a little bit of the Las Vegas nightlife. But the highlight of the trip for me was watching Jason Reitman speak.

Jason Reitman is the Academy Award nominated director of films such as “Juno”, “Thank You for Smoking”, and the current release “Up in the Air.” He flew in to deliver the keynote speech to a room filled with filmmakers from all around the world. The experience was incredible; Reitman is a very personable speaker and talks on a level that really connects with the younger filmmaking crowd. He talked about growing up in Beverly Hills, his long journey from film to medical school and back to film, and took questions from the audience.


Here are just a few of the highlights of what I learned: