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You don’t have to back that ass up, but your ass better back your films up!

In the northern hemisphere we’re at a time of year that many filmmakers dread–ice, snow, and cold weather leave many of us hibernating for the winter. Poor weather and the post-holiday duldrums often mean less projects are happening, leaving most people with a lot more freetime than they normally have. Rather than hide out in your bedroom with Netflix, this month is the perfect opportunity to make sure your backup systems are set up to keep your data organized and protected during the busy months ahead.

Digital media management is like going to the dentist–nobody wants to even talk about it, let alone do it, but it’s just as essential to the health of your film business. Hopefully you’ve not yet had the experience of telling an important client that the video from their once-in-a-lifetime event was lost forever when your hard drive crashed, but the older your hardware gets and the more data gets squeezed onto a drive there will inevitably come a time when a drive finally bites the dust.