Pleasant people get hired–ass wipes get flushed

I read an article this morning about how being likeable to an agent is more important than acting experience.
Pretty good advice–and something most actors never even consider.
The writer goes on to give some advice along these same lines for when meeting with an agent–smile & maintain eye contact, say positive things about the agency, basic stuff to connect with the agent and make a good impression. Pretty basic stuff, but all important.
His final piece of advice was this:
If you want to succeed in the entertainment industry, you have to be likable. Pleasant people get signed and hired. Ass wipes get flushed.
When I worked at the talent agency, it never ceased to amaze me how many actors would come in trying to get representation, and act like total ass wipes. They acted like they were entitled, or like they were doing us a favor by gracing us with their presence.
We almost never signed these people–even if they were really talented.
Because if they acted like that with us, how were they going to act around clients while on set?
One thing that I learned early on–if you’re going to be stuck on set for 10 hours with someone, you want to make sure that it’s someone you actually enjoy being around.
And this advice goes for whether you’re an actor, filmmaker, editor, or any other person working in the entertainment industry.
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