Marty & Leo are at it again

There have been many great pair-ups throughout history.
Bonnie & Clyde.
Lenny and Squiggy.
Penn & Teller.
But one of the best partnerships for the film world has been that of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio.
And word on the street is that they are pairing up again on their sixth film together, Killers of the Flower Moon.
The story sounds really interesting–about the Osage murders in the 1920s in Oklahoma. Massive oil reserves were discovered under Osage land, and they became some of the wealthiest people in America. And then members of the tribe began to be “mysteriously” murdered. It became a huge investigation under the newly formed FBI, and was revealed to be one of the most ruthless conspiracies in US history.
It sounds like a great idea for a film, and I have no doubts that Scorsese has found another juicy role for Leo to sink his teeth into.
It must be nice, writing a script like that and knowing that the director and main actor already have this relationship that will make it easy to breathe life into this story that you’ve created for them.
It certainly helps knowing that the director is Martin Scorsese and the main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.
But even if you don’t have the benefit of working with two geniuses, it is still nice to know who you’re writing for.
It can help when it comes time to put the words down on paper, because you can already almost envision what the final product will be.
But maybe you’re not to the point where you’re ready to write for specific actors and directors yet. And that’s OK.
It’s better to get comfortable with your own writing style first, and find your own voice as a screenwriter before you start trying to write with specific people in mind.
And that being the case, you may need to learn the fundamentals of screenwriting before you can get comfortable with your own style, and that’s why I’m pushing so hard for you to go to this Screenwriting Workshop with Mary Davis on Saturday.
At just $20, I can’t think of a better investment in yourself and your film career than something like this. Even if you only learn one new thing, it’s definitely worth the cost of admission.
And if you’re just getting started in film, this is the perfect chance to learn the fundamentals from someone who has studied under some of the best.
It’s only two days away, so now is the time to register if you’re ready to learn screenwriting.
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