It’s Halloween but you shouldn’t be afraid to leave your house

Today is my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween.
And it’s a day that many people will be leaving their houses to stroll through the neighborhood begging for candy, scaring Trick-or-Treat’ers, or headed off to a crazy costume party for some Halloween shenanigans.
But for horror film fanatics that aren’t doing any of these things, it becomes a good excuse to lock yourself indoors for an evening where you get to rewatch some of your favorite scary movies at home on your living room TV screen.
And actually for today, I support that. I personally love to barricade myself in the living room with a bowl of popcorn and the lights off, watching the scariest horror films that I can find.
But once Halloween is over, you shouldn’t be afraid to leave your house to watch some movies.
And what I mean by that is, get out to an actual movie theatre and watch them up on the big screen.
As good as the home viewing experience has become these days, with 4K TVs and surround sound systems that rival that of what you’d find in some cinemas, there’s still no substitute for actually getting out to a theatre or movie-watching venue to watch films up on the big screen with a group of other people.
There’s something about that shared experience that makes watching movies in a theatre so special.
It becomes something much more magical when you have that added level of communal bonding that happens when a group of people experience watching a movie together in the same room.
That’s what make film festivals so much fun.
It’s a group of people, all getting together to see films, many of them that have never been seen by an audience of any kind before that moment.
It’s fun to go through that with a bunch of strangers, because you’re all connected by the experience of the movie that you’ve all just witnessed, and a love of going out to the cinema in general.
If you’d like to have this experience for yourself and are in the Ohio area, I’d recommend coming out to the Ohio Independent Film Festival ( ) this Saturday at the Bop Stop in Cleveland.
There are five different screening programs this Saturday November 3rd, showcasing the best underground feature films and shorts from all around the world.
There is also a free pre-festival party on Friday November 2nd, also at the Bop Stop, featuring several short films and live music from Brent Kirby, who is really awesome. This evening in particular will be a good chance to network with other filmmakers, actors, and cinema lovers like yourself.
There are tickets available for any of the individual screening programs, or you can buy an all day pass to the festival. The pass is really the best option if you want the full, immersive experience of getting out all day and hanging out watching great films with people that are all excited to be there.
Check out the festival trailer, screening schedule, info on individual films, and ticket and pass information all on their website: ( )
-Brian ( )
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