How to capture the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds

I love a great opening title sequence.
It is by far the best way to capture the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds, before your film or show even starts.
Great titles can tell a story all in their own and set up the viewer for whatever is coming next.
In fact, I think they’re one of the most important things of any film or TV show because they can help you put viewers in a certain mood or state of mind before the action of your story even begins.
A.V. Club just published the list of their favorite opening TV title sequences from 2018. There are some great ones on their list, which you can check out here: ( )
These titles range from animated sequences to gorgeous slow motion shots of stuff being blown up (definitely watch the opening credits of The Good Fight that are posted in the article).
Some of the title sequences here probably took weeks or even months to put together, with a team of visual effects artists working on them.
But that doesn’t mean that awesome title sequences are out of reach for beginning filmmakers.
In fact, it’s possible for you to have very cool titles for your film, without you having to spend a lot of time on them.
Here are a few title sequences that I put together for Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project screenings–most of these were done in just a few hours:
Cleveland “glitch” opener ( )
Saul Bass-style titles ( )
Horror Project “Stranger Things” intro ( )
I put these all together with minimal knowledge of animation or motion graphics, and even a beginning filmmaker could do the same thing.
I’ll be going over all of this–the software I use, how to come up with a great concept, and breaking down some of these title sequences step-by-step–in a training that I’m working on now.
It will soon be available for you to check out yourself–that is, if you are signed up for our Gorilla Film School membership program.
The program will be launching soon, and will include regular training on things like title sequences, cinematography, screenwriting, and other filmmaking and acting topics.
I’ll be sending out more details in the coming weeks about how you can become a member.
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