About a year and a half ago, when I first had the idea to do a podcast about filmmakers, Dustin Lee and Jon Jivan from Maple Films are the first guys I thought of to be guests. They’ve been long time participants of the 48 Hour Film Project in Cleveland. They took the Cleveland film scene by storm with their first entry in the 48HFP, “Transistor”, and ended up winning the Best Film award that year and moving on to Filmapalooza. Since then, Maple Films has been “the team to beat”, winning numerous awards each time they make a film.

Because of their early success, Maple Films was asked to take part in a special filmmaking invitational produced by the 48HFP and sponsored by A&E. From this competition they made their film “Super Pimp”, which ended up winning the A&E Reality Show contest and went on to win the Filmslam Audience Choice Award at the 39th Cleveland International Film Festival.