I believe that every actor should have their own home video studio setup, for a couple of reasons.

First, it gives you more flexibility for auditions. What happens when you get a call for a last minute audition that you can’t make it to? It’s rare that a casting director can be flexible enough to see you outside of their normal audition times. But with a home studio, you could easily self-tape your audition and send the video file directly to them.

The ability to self-tape your audition can also open you up to opportunities outside of your home market. There may be a role that you’d be great for, but is shooting in a different area. It might pay enough to make it worthwhile to travel for the gig, but you don’t necessarily want to travel in for just the audition. Again, with a home video studio you can self-tape your audition and email the video file, saving you the time and hassle of traveling in to audition for a job that you’re not guaranteed to get.

Finally, a home video studio setup is absolutely essential for your daily practice as an actor.

Former Talent Agent Reveals “Back Room Deals”, Client Manipulations, And Agency Secrets Used To Get Even The Most Inexperienced Actors Booked On $1000+ A Day Gigs

Entertainment industry “experts” will tell you that you need to move to Hollywood to “make it” as an actor–what they don’t tell you is that THOUSANDS of actors are booked on great paying commercials, industrials, film & TV jobs EVERY DAY, in cities all across the country

Find out how in this live workshop recording.

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Access the video on this page whenever you like, but I also recommend downloading it to your own computer so you can view it offline. Or download the MP3 version and listen to the training on your phone or iPod during your morning commute.

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This is long (almost two hours) and a LOT of information to absorb in one viewing. Here’s my recommendation to you:

  1. Set aside a couple hours to watch (or listen) to this once all the way through,