Career advice for Geoffrey Owens

Former Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens has been in the news a lot lately.
It seems that he may have fallen on hard times recently, since the residual checks stopped coming in after all the networks pulled the sitcom reruns in lieu of Big Daddy Bill’s sexual assault scandals.
Apparently Mr. Owens had taken up a new gig–bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s.
An honest living, for sure…but a far cry from his glory days as a TV actor.
But Owens could definitely still make it as an actor, if he wanted. So I thought I’d offer him a bit of career advice–pretty much the same advice I’d give to any actor that was starting over, or even just starting out for the first time.
First, he needs to rebrand. Probably most people remember him as the straight-laced (slightly chauvinistic) med school student. A lot of time has passed, so he’s more likely to play the family doctor, a lawyer, or a dad.
I’d have him get some new headshots to replace the old photos currently floating around the internet.
He’s got a great smile and a lot of personality, so I could even see him doing some commercial print work. So I’d have him shoot something as a traditional actor’s headshot, then a suit & button-down shirt more formal look, a nice autumn-tone sweater and khaki “friendly neighbor/dad” look, and then maybe blue denim with rolled up sleeves for something a little more casual and blue collar.
I’d have him working with a commercial talent agency–they’d easily be able to get him booked on some commercials and that would help to replace the image that casting directors, clients, and audiences have in their mind for him with something more in line with his current look.
And then a couple of the right comedic roles in some films that get some theatre time, and we’d be well on his way to re-kindling his acting career.
Of course, Owens would know all of this already if he had taken my Make Money Acting workshop, where we talk about branding, and how to work with agents to get paying roles in commercial, TV and film.
The course is available to all Gorilla Film School members–or, it will be, as soon as we open up the program to a few select people.
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