Best photobomb of the year

Found this picture on the interwebs this morning, and I have to agree, this may have been the best photobomb of 2017.
Can you imagine how Trump must’ve felt seeing this?
I mean, after carefully concocting a mishmash of made up facts and racist Jambalaya to feed to a sea of your hungry, all white ultra-Conservative golfing buddies, and the photo captured at the height of your glory features your arch nemesis smiling at you over your shoulder, mocking you and everything you stand for?
I bet he was pissed when he saw this!
Misplaced pictures aren’t the only way to ruin your moment of glory, either.
Bad audio is the photobomb that mocks most indie films, in my opinion.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen films that look great, everything is building up to the climax and then…
…the audio drops.
…or a car whizzes by.
…or all you can hear is the static of the mic because the levels have been boosted so high.
Bad audio is lurking where you least expect it, kind of like Hilary. You really need to do the work to make sure your location is secure and free from all potential audio and visual photobombs.
How can we prevent bad audio? Well, that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching in my newest side project, along with other ways to photobomb and audiobomb-proof your film.
If you’re interested in hearing about how you can learn to make photobomb-free films that people enjoy watching, reply back to this email and let me know.
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