Behind the doors of “Black Panther” auditions

When Winston Duke auditioned for the role of M’Baku in Marvel’s Black Panther, he didn’t even know what he was auditioning for.
His agent told him he was reading for an “untitled Marvel movie.”
Duke assumed he was reading for some side project that wouldn’t see the light of day. He figured that Marvel would want a big name actor got the lead roles in their potential blockbuster films.
It wasn’t until the third round of auditions with writer-director Ryan Coogler and Executive Producer Nate Moore in the room that Duke finally realized he was auditioning for Black Panther.
And that’s when the nerves kicked in.
Now, Winston Duke was a graduate of the Yale drama program and estimated that he probably had 300-400 auditions under his belt. Many of them only lasted about two minutes.
His Black Panther audition, on the other hand, lasted 40 minutes.
What happened during those 40 minutes is something we’ll be covering in my upcoming On-Camera Audition Intensive on March 16th.
There’s a reason that Duke’s audition ran long. It’s something directors do when they’re trying to decide whether or not they can work with an actor.
So if you want to really take a look behind the closed doors of Black Panther or any other film or commercial audition, then you might be interested in this workshop.
You’ll have to apply, and I WON’T be accepting everyone. But for those that make the cut, I’ll be dismantling the audition process in a way that would make T’Challa proud.
If you think you’re interested, reply back to this message.
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