Alfonso Cuaron also wants you to get your a#$ out to a movie theatre

Not even a day after I write about the importance of watching movies in a movie theatre, I read an article this morning about how Academy Award-winning director Alfonso Cuaron is saying the exact same thing.
Under pressure from Cuaron, Netflix has announced that they are giving their Cuaron-directed $20-million Mexican art film “Roma” a theatrical release, opening in New York and Los Angeles in late November, and adding more cities starting in early December ahead of its streaming release.
The film has already won the Golden Lion for Best Film Award at the Venice International Film Festival, and there is talk of it being a Best Picture contender as well as a likely foreign-language Oscar winner. It was shot in 65mm on an Arri Alexa 65 by Cuaron himself, and is clearly intended to be shown up on the big screen in a movie theatre.
“Seeing ‘Roma’ on the big screen is just as important as ensuring people all over the world have the chance to experience it in their homes,” stated Cuarón. “‘Roma’ was photographed in expansive 65mm, complemented by a very complex Atmos sound mix. While a movie theatre offers the best possible experience for ‘Roma,’ it was designed to be equally meaningful when experienced in the intimacy of one’s home.”
Read the article on IndieWire here: ( )
So, it’s not just me. One of today’s top directors in the world also thinks that you should be getting out to movie theatres to watch films, for many reasons.
Which brings me back to the Ohio Independent Film Festival.
Even though it’s not taking place in a traditional movie theatre setting, there are still some pretty compelling reasons for you to try to go out and watch these films this Saturday at the Bop Stop, some of which I outlined yesterday.
There is a great selection of films in different genres from different parts of the world, so it’s going to be a great education for anyone that wants to become a better filmmaker, plus a day of watching excellent films with a group of people in a very cool venue.
There are still tickets available for all screening programs, plus festival passes available if you want to stay all day and watch everything, but I would not recommend waiting until the last minute to get them.
The Bop Stop is a very intimate venue, and I have a feeling that between last minute ticket sales and walk-ups on the day of the festival, some or all of these screenings may end up selling out.
So it’s best to take a look at the schedule to see what’s playing, and buy your tickets in advance online, all of which you can do on their website: ( ).
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