21 ways to get off the “Masters of Sex” casting director

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Risa Bramon Garcia is a casting director for the Showtime series “Masters of Sex.”

She wrote an article a couple weeks ago for Backstage about 21 Things That Make Casting Directors Happy In The Audition Room.

It’s a quick read, so check it out.

A few of her tips are a little to ‘woo woo’ for me, but there are some good nuggets in there.

There’s a couple I want to point out in particular that have really annoyed me when I’ve been in any sort of casting situation. These are the quickest ways to make yourself look weak, amateurish, and generally attract the ire of anyone in a position to cast that hears you doing these things.

From Risa’s article:

5. Make no excuses whatsoever. Leave your baggage outside. Better yet, leave it at home.

Please stop doing this during auditions.

The harsh reality is–nobody cares about your excuses.

Yes, we know you didn’t get the script until last night and haven’t had time to prepare–nobody has. The latest script revision was probably finished about 10 minutes before you got it, and has probably changed even more since then.

There’s going to be last minute changes to the script during the job, and you won’t have enough time to prepare then, either.

Sure, we understand that you’re sick and you sound completely different when you’re better–but should we just use our imagination to try and guess what you’ll actually sound like reading for the role?

You’re sick. It sucks. It happens.

But the thing is, that’s the JOB.

If you can’t roll with the punches during an audition, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to do it during a job.

11. Don’t apologize. Ever. For anything.

For the love of God, please stop doing this.

An audition is like a puzzle, where everyone is trying to see exactly how everything is going to fit together.

We may have you try things different ways. We may have you stand in a different spot.

Don’t assume that when you’re told to do something differently during an audition, that it’s because you’ve done something wrong.

When you apologize for things like that, it makes you sound weak and not confident.

It makes us feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Nobody wants to hire an actor that doesn’t believe in themselves, is an emotional wreck, or apologizes every time they’re asked to try something differently.

Many actors don’t realize how these little things actually prevent them from being cast. Sometimes it’s just as important to NOT do certain things as it is to do the right things and be the most talented.

Risa has some other good Do’s and Don’ts for actors in her article. Give it a read here:




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