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My $30,000 acting mistake

Here’s how a mistake on one acting job ended up costing me over $30,000 so far!

Here’s a video of me looking like a tool while explaining why people should get a 212 area code for their business.

I still remember this shoot. I had a little video demo posted online for months that I had actually totally forgotten about it until one day I got a call from a production company–someone had seen my demo and wanted to book me for a gig.

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What if you had connections with someone inside the industry?

Why you bombed that audition before it began

One of my biggest pet peeves as an agent was how clueless many actors were about auditions. Or specifically, that they had no idea about the kinds of roles they should or shouldn’t be auditioning for.

Actors would come in with a copy of the breakdown for a big studio film shooting in the area and point out a role they thought they were “perfect” for. Then would come fifty questions wondering if we had submitted them for the job, how could they get the casting director to meet with them (because of course if the casting director saw them in person they would KNOW that they were right for the role), and what sort of money they would get from the gig.